A message from the Owners

Owners Andy Bisnar and Gina Harris would like to share just a few of their ideas, beliefs and goals concerning their company...

 Along The River Properties

Along The River Properties was first established in 1997.  From the beginning Andy and Gina decided that they would make it their mission to protect the public with regards to buying and selling real estate.  The purchase or sale of a home is likely the single largest investment for most people therefore with the firm belief that safeguarding their client's interests by keeping that the focus and at the forefront of their business model it has allowed Along The River Properties to become one of the most trusted real estate companies in the Tri-State area.

Along The River Properties is dedicated to always project a responsible, dedicated and professional image.  Through these efforts our company will continue to refine its policies and procedures insuring that each and every client will receive the service one should expect.  It is our belief that this endeavor is necessary to create the feeling of security so our clients will understand that it is their interests that are first and foremost protected.

Andy and Gina are committed to hands on training, overseeing and in supporting their realtors in an effort to see that their success is not only a result of their persistent efforts but how they represent their clients as well, creating clients for life.

To continue to be the Real Estate Company who you, the public, would be willing to place your trust in, is our ultimate goal.  We Understand that this can never be achieved without  a true commitment of our unyielding efforts...



Andrew R Bisnar and Gina Harris


Along The River Properties