Andy Bisnar

Designated Broker / Owner


Office: 928-704-7653

Fax:     928-704-7655


Andy is the husband of Gina Harris, Associate Broker and co-owner. Together they have built a company that prides itself on a standard of ethics beyond reproach.   Andy has always been resigned to dot the i's and cross the t's on behalf of the company.  His first and last priority is to ensure the public is protected.  He does this through diligent training and his ongoing efforts to make his agents aware of the ever changing world of real estate.  Through a long list of checks and balances he is able to be "hands on" with regards to managing his agents.  His experience in all types of real estate some of which include residential, commercial and real estate construction have afforded him the ability to become knowledgeable in all facets of real estate.  He welcomes all client's to contact him no matter what the circumstance.